Friday, October 12, 2012

Wow.  There have been many changes and a lot of growth in the family since we last blogged.  At this point in time, all three Hopper boys are out of the country serving.  Brad is in the Army serving currently in Afghanistan.  He is coming home to the US any day now.  Adam is serving an LDS mission in Brazil.  He left December 28, 2011 and will return in December of 2013. Drew is serving his LDS mission in Guatemala.  He left March 9, 2012 and will return in February of 2014. 

Annie is currently living at home, working and planning to get back into college classes.  She is doing very well and we are happy to have her and her dog Bella and two cats Janie and Budda here with us. 

Lainey is now a junior in high school and is very active in the marching band and plays lacrosse in the spring. 

At this point, I have decided to use this blog to chronicle the happenings at home while our boys are away.  I write an email and send it to all three boys every Sunday night.  So, I'll post the email to this blog as well.  This should be a great record of the life and times of the Hopper family when coupled with the emails the boys send each week from thier missions.  Those letters are posted on each of their blogs once weekly.  Adam: and Drew:

I have been writing to them since January, so at this point I'm going to post all those weekly letters here. 


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