Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Day! I have so much to be Thankful for...

It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’m the only one up. It’s 7:47am and I couldn’t sleep. I’m getting a nasty cold and I’m hoping I get it mostly over before we leave to see Brad in six days. I can’t tell you how excited I am to go to him on Wednesday.
I was sitting here watching Good Morning America and they are profiling military families. They were just talking with some Army moms. I found myself crying and with the urge to write to Brad.
I have so much to be grateful for. I must be the luckiest mom in the world. Keith and I could never have imagined the pride that we have in the family that Heavenly Father allowed and helped us to create. Even though they are all gone this Thanksgiving except for sweet Lainey (thank goodness we have her here!), I find myself more grateful than ever for every moment since they were born.
I have my health, except for this cold! I have a warm home and food to eat. I have freedom to be who I want and freedom of religion. I have an Army Soldier Son who has pride in his country enough to set aside his life to defend that freedom for me, our family and the USA.
Good Heavens! I have a turkey in the sink! How great is that!! I’ll have to get another one and make another Thanksgiving dinner when all of the kids are here.
My children will all be home this year from December 13th until January 4th (these are the days Drew will be coming and going)! I wonder if that will happen very often after this year. We need to really be grateful for this year.
Boy, money is really tight, but we don’t have to worry about that unless we choose to. Keith has worked hard for many years to give us what we have and I am grateful for that too. I don’t have to worry about where to lay my head each night because I have a great and sweet husband who has been a good provider. I know he’s set a good example to my children of what to do right. My sons will be great fathers because he is. My daughters know how a man should treat them because of how he treats me.
We have a peaceful home. No fights, no mind games, no mysteries… just the knowledge that we are cared about and we are safe within its walls.
How could one person ask for more than what I’ve been given?
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are beside ourselves with the excitement of the next few weeks ahead of us! My hope is that I get to hear from Brad today and even if I don’t, I’m gettin’ hugs from him in just a very few days!