Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of April 30, 2012

To my THREE Sons!!

First, let me say that the new elder in our ward says he has met Drew…
His name is Elder Lawrence and he used to be assigned to the singles ward.  He said he met you and that he is a drummer.  He asked if your drum set is still here!  Oh, but if only the upstairs was not in such disarray!  Soon, though.  Soon.  A massive house cleanup is going to be underway for the summer!

Dad and I went to see surgeons for each of our “issues” this week.  I’m scheduled for my hernia repair on June 22nd; right after school gets out for the summer.  Dad was told that the next step for him is to convert his partial to a total knee.  He was hoping that maybe one more scope could happen to buy him some time.  I’m actually glad.  It’s time.  Now he has to decide how to arrange a knee replacement surgery around his sabbatical which starts on July first.  Fun!
Now that we have lost 100 people from the ward, Bishop Stott has been busy replacing people in callings.  He called me in on Thursday and asked if I would serve as the second counselor in the Primary Presidency.  He told me that Dad and I would be released from our Stake Activities committee and that I could still do my camp calling (yay!).  Apparently, there are about 48 changes that will happen this Sunday! (I’m writing this on Saturday the 5th).

On Monday, the 7th, the car finally goes in for a front end repair.  The noise we’ve been hearing (pretty much since we bought the car) is a front wheel bearing.  Glad to have that done. Also, a garage door repairman is coming to fix the garage door.  It’s such a pain to not be able to use that door!  So, by the time you read this, everything will be good!  Dad is “working from home” on Monday to see that it all gets done.  I’m glad his job is so flexible!
We asked Noel the other day when Devyn was going to announce his engagement….he just smiled and said, “I’m not sayin’ anything!”  Sounds like it might be pretty close to happening too! 

Drew, I will plan to call you at about 3:30pm on Mother’s Day.  That is around 4:30pm your time.  Adam, hopefully then we can have his call during the time when you are there too!  I’ll be ready for your Google+ at 3:00pm. That will be 7:00pm your time.  I’ll come home from church at about 2:30 (6:30 your time) and wait.  Will that work for both of you?  Luis told me how to make the call to Guatemala and he’s going to write it down for me on Sunday this week.  Brad, can you be available during that time too?  We’d all like to do a hangout together.  Let’s see…that should be between 6:00 and 7:00pm for you.  Can’t wait!!!!
Well, Brenna is home.  She is doing great.  I went over to hug her Thursday after work and we spent a little time there.  She is having a hard time not breaking into Portuguese in the middle of sentences.  It’s pretty cute.  Of course Clara loves to capitalize on that!  She brought some cute Brazilian pants home to the girls and now Lainey want s some.  We’ll send you pictures of them if we can, Adam, because Lainey will be putting in her order!

We are going to celebrate Lainey’s birthday tonight since Dad is going out of town for her actual day.  He leaves Saturday the 12th and will fly to San Jose and meet us on the second day of the California Band trip.  I’m excited to go, but mostly because I’m excited that Annie is going. She’s really excited and keeps telling me so!  She’s going to use that opportunity stop smoking! Send a few prayers her way!  Hope she’s not grumpy the whole time!
Update:  Sunday night.
Elder Lawrence got up in Fast and Testimony meeting today.  He and Elder Taylor were allowed to attend the Father and Sons campout this weekend and he told us about a brother who was sharing at the fireside Friday night.  Since he is new to the ward, he didn’t know the brother’s name, but he was holding a small child.  The brother spoke about his testimony of Jesus Christ and suddenly, his little one looked up and said, “Hey, Jesus loves me!”  Elder Lawrence said that was all that needed to be said.  The Gospel is very simple and pure.  Nothing complicated about it.  Christ loves us and wants us to be happy and return to our Father in Heaven. 

Someone else told us today that they heard somewhere that your mission might be the toughest two years of your life, but they are also the toughest two years FOR your life too.  It gave me a new perspective.
We went to Brenna’s open house tonight.  She and Cambrai were reflecting on the last 1 ½ years.  They both say that it already seems like it was just a dream.  It went by so quickly because every day they had so much to do. 

Drew, I’ve given Brenna her first CD with the song “Smile” by Uncle Kracker.  Also, her flowers will be delivered on Tuesday and on the note,  you told her to ask me for the card you wrote her.  It is the one you wanted me to give her after she found out about her grandpa.  They told her last night.  I gave her the coat on her first day home last Thursday.
FYI-BOWS Stake got a new Stake President today.  Elder Holland came out to speak to them. Also, Sister Teri Dunlop was made the Stake Young Women’s President! 

Love you all and can’t wait to talk to you this Sunday!!!!!

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