Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of September 3, 2012

Hello!  Greetings from the land of back to school and work!

We are all otherwise occupied now! 

Dad’s back to work (I think he’s clinically depressed now…)

I’m back to work and happy, happy, happy to be working with the same kids as I did last year!

Lainey is beginning her junior year and acting responsible about it.

AND we are all getting busy with fall marching season!!

The nights are getting colder, but the days have still been in the 80’s and 90’s. 

Dad has one little clump of grapes on the new grape vine and they are turning purple!

We planted the tomatoes too late in the season, so they are just now starting to ripen up some fruit.  We’ll see how many make it before the first frost takes them down.

Oh, I have to show you a very cool photo that came from the Stott family this week…


I love Katie’s face.  She’s curiously looking very old these days.   How DOES that happen??  It’s like a disease that hits all the kids!

Lainey spoke in Sacrament meeting today.  She was terrifically nervous until she got to the chapel and looked at the program.  She discovered that the elders were the adult speakers and was like, “It’ll be just like sitting on the stand with my brothers!”  All better.

She told the bishop that and of course then the Bishop shared with the congregation.  Then Elder Lawrence gave Lainey a great big smile and almost made her cry.  Elder Lawrence got up after Lainey and said he was glad to be her brother.  I have to say that the two elders we have right now make it just a little easier to have Drew and Adam away.  They both remind me of you two so much.  Right down to the trombone and the drums. 

Their talks were wonderful. 

We went to the Stake Girls Camp fireside tonight.  Fun.  Lainey only has one more summer of camp until she’s officially too old.  This is just too much.

So Adam, I’ll try to be ready for the day before 6:30 in the morning so I’ll have time to sit at my email while you’re on. 

Not much else to report this week! I guess Annie has a couple of job interviews.  I’ll let you know how she fairs!

Brad, we don’t hear much from you, but we do see Lauren’s comments on Facebook, so we know you’re still there!  Let us know how you’re doing. 

I sure do love you guys!!

All my love and hugs,


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