Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of July 23, 2012

Well, we are back from Girls Camp!  The week went very quickly and we had tons of fun.  I was there for crafts and since I can’t lift anything, I did almost nothing the whole week!  Julie Melanson was there for the week and we were both staying in the infirmary with the nurses.  We stayed up until 1:00am most nights and hung out with the 7th year girls, including Molly Fields, Lizzy Fotheringham and Nicole Hastings.  Much fun was had!  Lainey was a first year Youth Leader and had her own group of girls.  She did such a great job!!

Let’s see.  The announcements for the week include a wedding for Jason Hadley.  

They look very happy!

Today was Dad’s birthday (I mean yesterday, since it’s now 12:30am!).  It was way too uneventful.  Dinner, cake…..dull….

We’ll have to throw him a humdinger for his 50th birthday in 2014!  

Hmmm.  Not much else to talk about. 

I hope you had a wonderful week and look forward to hearing from you!

Love you,


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