Friday, October 12, 2012

January 3, 2012

Letter to Adam:

Elder Hopper!

We got your email and your letter both this afternoon!  So great to hear from you!  I’m getting your package ready to mail right now and Dad’s taking it to the post office.  It has some good tweezers in it, so you won’t have to dig quite so hard for the rest of the “seeds” in your foot!  I hope it heals over well for you.  Sounds like you can quit putting the pads on it.  It really seems to have done its job! 

I’m glad you are enjoying your district.  Too bad you have to split off the way you have.  Oh, well.  I guess that is what you get used to on a mission.  Constant change, right?  The one constant that is the same is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It will never change. 

I’ve posted on your facebook page again to write to you! 

Well, you need to know how proud of you we are!  You are my hero!  It’s like you walked right through the fire that has been our crazy family and you didn’t miss a beat.  Looks like all is well for now and hopefully I’ll only have good things to report while you are away, but you sure helped to get us through the tough times.  Annie showed me the proofs from the pictures we had taken at the park last week.  We got to the photo of you and Annie and we both just started blubbering!  I’m sure glad we had those taken.  I’ll frame one and send you a picture of the family so you can take us with you to Brazil. 

I’ll attach one to an email too, but I don’t know if it’s okay to do that…

Gotta go and finish your package. 

Love you so much!


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