Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Wedding Day in September

Well, it's about time I blogged about the biggest event to happen in the Hopper family this year...Annie and Jay got married!
Everything went perfectly and the day was beautiful. We couldn't have asked for more. I'll show a few of the hundreds of beautiful photos that were taken by Jen Preece that day:

Getting dressed...

Julie Melanson did her hair.

Waiting impatiently to leave!

Brad surprised her. That was the best part of the day for me.

The whole gang!

Both of the parents

Annie and her bridesmaids Lainey and Marlaina

This is my favorite photo!

Daddy Daughter dance.

Off they go to a weekend away.

When all was done, Brad had to run back to the airport to catch his flight back to Ft. Drum.
We would like to thank all those who helped make this day a grand success!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carrot surprise...

So I was in the garden this morning and I decided that since there was so much crowding going on, that I would go ahead and pull the few carrots I had growing. I brought them in and put them in the sink to rinse...

But wait - what is that white thing on the carrot on top?? It grew through something.
Wait... it's one of Adam's long lost Army Men!!! They rise once again! Every once in a while we find another one in the dirt out there. This one decided to ride a carrot!

I wonder if we could make anything on ebay for this one....?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

All Together Now!

Since Brad was home for a visit, we took advantage and had some photos done (thanks Jen!). Please don't mind the indulgence!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grandpa Hopper Turned 75

Last Saturday, all the kids in Keith's family surprised their dad with a birthday party! All but four of the grandkids were there too. Missing were: Heather and James, Emmalee, Brad and Kristen and Cory.
Here are some highlights:


Cards from everyone

Jay, Annie and Lainey

Rick, JD, Alex and Shaulana

Patty, Wayne and Nicole

Lynn and Myla

Lacey, Alyssa and Myla


Jamie and Terry


Terry, Lynn, Keith, Wayne, Grandpa and Grandma
The only one missing is David

Uncle Wayne fighting with the canopy

Bella, waiting for her chance to get out of the car

The next generation: Total Cuteness!