Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of May 7, 2012

So, Mother’s Day has taken on an entirely different meaning for me now. 

I had my two beautiful daughters here all day taking care of my every need.  They went to the store and got the most perfect hanging baskets for the front porch.  Lainey got up this morning and made me breakfast and Annie made kabobs for dinner on the bbq.  It was wonderful and I am miserably full!

My handsome sons called/hung out/skyped with me today and it was fun giggling with you all! 

It’s no longer about hoping to take the day off or getting a break as a mom.  Now it’s simply about connecting with my children!  I loved everything about this day! 

Looks like you are both doing well.  Adam, you look like you’ve been there a hundred years and you looked so comfortable where you were; and you haven’t changed a bit!  Couldn’t see your stomach, so it doesn’t seem bigger to me either! ;-)

Drew, you sounded so great!  It was so wonderful to hear your voice and the smile in your laugh.  Brenna was not going to come over because she thought she might be a distraction to you.  I told her it would have been a bigger distraction to not be able to talk to you and that my happy mother’s day depended on my sons being happy!  I told her that you worked too hard and too long to get there for a phone call to mess you up.  Then I told her that you just needed to hear her voice (after 18 months!) and to know she was okay, then you could get back to work.  I convinced her finally to come!  I’m glad she did, even if it was difficult to hear and you didn’t really have much time to talk.  She’s such a blessing.  And still so happy.

So, Adam. Tell me your total count of baptisms so far.  I’ve lost track.  I’m gonna have to get better at tracking this!

Drew, I know you’ve been involved with baptisms too, so tell me your number too and I’ll keep our little charts updated. 
We are going to Disney with the marching band this Thursday night.  We leave at 9:00pm and we’ll be back on Tuesday the 22nd in the afternoon.  Looks like the District isn’t going to let Annie on the busses, so we have to fly her down to meet us and then figure out how to get her back.  She and Dad might have to drive the equipment truck back up on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We’ll figure it out tomorrow. 

Annie and Brenna have decided to team up for the big rides since Brenna is making up for the last Disney Band trip when Josh didn’t want to ride the big rides.  Brenna says, “go big or go home!” and Annie is all over that one!  I’m hoping that they hit it off and that Annie will finally have a friend that’s outside of the recovery circle.  She has stuck with good friends, but there is so much drama!  Nick has been a good support to her, though.  Annie and Nick have decided that the Disney trip is a good time for them to both quit smoking.  I hope it works for them!

I’ll send this off now and say, thanks for being my wonderful sons!!  I’m so proud of you all and grateful that I was blessed to be your mom!!

Love you bunches,


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