Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of June 4, 2012

Good morning my valiant Men!!!

I’ve just come home (last night) from North Bend and Grandma and Grandpa Inman send their love!  Coos Bay Stake had their Stake Conference and changed to a new Stake Presidency.  The Lord called Bishop Tersigni (Chad’s uncle!) to be the new Stake President! One of his counselors is a man from Columbia, so he has a great accent.  Both counselors’ look like they are going to be fabulous.  Your grandma’s are in good hands!  Soooooo….North Bend needs a new Bishop!  They will take care of that next week I suppose. 

And Grandma Inman was sustained as the new Stake Relief Society President!  It was kind of overlooked with all the excitement around there, though.  She is excited!    

Elder Dallin Oaks was there along with a member of the first quorum of the Seventy, Elder Scott B. Whiting.  He is from Hawaii. 

Something that Elder Oaks said was interesting:  He said that when we are called to a new calling, we don’t step up and when we are released, we don’t step down.  We only move forward to a new calling.  In this church, we move only forward and backward.  He taught of Alma 37:33 about teaching repentance and humility and to resist temptation.  And that the Atonement is central to the work.  Jesus taught to “be ye therefor perfect,” but then he gave us the ordinance of the sacrament so that we can progress toward that goal. I got to shake his hand before the meeting yesterday.  An LDS celebrity!

I got to chat with Carter Peck Saturday night.  He’s excited about his mission to Guam.  We talked about how his best buddy is in Drew’s mission and how he was talking about knowing a guy in his mission who’s brother (serving in a Brazil mission) dated his best friend’s sister!  Pretty confusing, but a small world for missionaries!

We had the end of year concert and awards night last Tuesday. Always so much fun.  Grandma was here for it this time.  I’ll try to get a copy of the poem for this year and share it with you. 

Here’s a photo of the reading.  Jim cried again.  Go figure…

Well, it’s the last week of school.  Graduation is done.  The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade is done.  Century Band took 3rd place in the 100+ division and it sounds like it all went very well.  Your sister Lainey (remember her?) was a BEAST since she did the entire parade under a TUBA!  She’s amazing.  She said it sucked and she won’t do it again.  She was hoping they would luck out and get some contras to play instead before parade time came, but no luck.  She’s amazing! 

Century Band made the front page of the Oregonian!!

Here are most of the seniors in the band this year!

Maren graduated!!

Well, I get to go to my pre-op appointment on Thursday this week.  Surgery is on Friday the 22nd.  Can’t say I’m excited, but I’ll be glad to finally have it over with.  It has gotten quite a bit worse lately.  Pretty unpredictable and I’m ready to get it done.  Hopefully, I will recover quickly, since girls camp (I’m in charge of crafts again this year) is next month and since Dad and I are still doing our Stake calling (the Stake Fair is coming up next month and we have to do fair food for about 600-800 people)!  I’m also in the Primary Presidency and don’t want to drop the ball there!  What a life.

HEY!  Have a great week!!!!!!!!

Love you guys and am so very proud of you ALL!!  I didn’t think it was possible to feel so much pride and happiness over the three of you! 

Oh!  My alarm just went off….that means it’s 7:00am (8:00am Drew’s time!) and it’s time to drop everything and pray!  Thank you, Drew for giving me this gift.  I was at first trying to get everyone together to say prayers each day, but Dad was usually in the shower and Lainey was busy trying not to be late.  So, I just decided that I could only work on myself.  What a blessing it is each day to have an extra time to go to Father in prayer.  It’s made all the difference and I hope it helps you guys too!  It sure brings me strength to know that I’m joining Drew in the strength of prayer each day.  I encourage you all to do it too!  Let’s see, that would be 10:00am for Brad and 11:00am for Adam.  Kind of an awkward time of day for you guys, but maybe a short silent prayer.  Set your alarm and at least make it a time to all be thinking of each other at the same time each day. 


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