Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of February 13, 2012

Lots of love to you!!

Well, Wednesday is week seven already!  Wow!

How’s the language going? 

Michael Robertson and his wife just announced they are expecting a baby in August! 

Oh, and Krista and Regan Christenson had their baby last week.  She was only a little over a week early after all the bed rest and worry.  She was 8lbs, 6ozs.  I haven’t seen her yet, but I guess she has really round cheeks and very black hair.

Dad and I were in charge of the food for a big 50’s-60’s sock hop at the Stake center for the Stake Adults last Saturday.  Remember a few years ago when the jazz band played for a Stake Adult dance?  This was the dance for this year.  We served A LOT of food.  Dad and I cooked 450 cheeseburger sliders, but then we only served about 150 of them.  We served the burgers in little red and white checkered paper trays with chips, mustard and ketchup packets and a pickle.  They were really cute.  We also had veggie and fruit trays and popcorn, m&m’s and chex party mix.

Then we had a “soda fountain” shop where we served three kinds of floats.  Regular root beer floats, orange cream floats and cherry chocolate ones.  Dad, Monte Carstens and Cody Phillips (Katie’s dad) dressed up as soda jerks (I made them hats and they wore black pants, white shirts and black bowties).  They looked great as they served drinks all night!  Dad brought our little chest freezer and they had cold ice-cream right next to them the whole time.  Cheryl Carstens, Connie Phillips and I served the food.  David Bingham took pictures of couples.  They brought in a “period” motorcycle and let everyone pose for pictures on it. 

Everything went really well.  We had fun, but I’ve been wiped out ever since.

Drew spoke in church yesterday.  He did really well.  Had me crying the whole time!  He outed Braden Johnson and told everyone that he was giving Drew the “loser” sign.  Braden was ordained a Deacon yesterday as well.  Also, Katie Stott turned 12 and is now in Young Womens’.  Time’s a ‘flying!


I got a rocking chair for the library last week.  I’m excited to have a great place to read to the kids from. 

I look forward to getting news from you tomorrow!!

Love you,


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