Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of August 27, 2012


Well, we’re back from North Bend and Dad is in Seattle until tomorrow (Monday).  We had a nice visit.  Didn’t do much but visit.  Annie and Lainey dropped in on Aunt Lynn, but Dad and I missed her.  Maybe next time.

Here’s a picture of Grandpa.  He’s doing okay, but they are looking into home health care and he has to be on oxygen most of the time now.  Their new rental house is in Empire and it is all flat.  No steps anywhere.  It suits them better. 

Dad mowed the lawn at the old house while we were there.  It’s ever worse now if you can imagine that.  There’s an uncontrolled leak in the roof that is making the interior fall everywhere.  It’s pretty bad. 

Grandma Hopper is good.  The new house is right by Empire lake and there are walking trails all around it.  She’s enjoying it and took us on a walk while we were there.

Of course Annie gave Lainey a hard time the whole walk…

But they managed to have fun too!

Then we celebrated Annie’s 17th (oops, 24th) Birthday!

I’ve been upstairs for the past two days finally getting things cleaned up and put away.  Moved Annie into Lainey’s old room.  Adam’s room is now a guest/family history room.  Adam, it will be all ready for you when you return!  Now the quilt room is now a room again.  Clear floor, access to my sewing table and library of books.  Annie has a nice little “living room” there.  Annie’s been gone camping with Nick and his parents this weekend, so she’ll come home to a nice clean and organized room.  Not sure she’ll be thrilled, but I’m excited!  Now I just have to tackle the “give away” pile in the garage and the “storage” in the room above the garage.  Hopefully soon it will be all organized so that when you return (all three of you!), you’ll be able to find your stuff!! 

Well, there’s only two more days until I’m back to work for the school year.  I have mixed feelings.  Oh, and Teri Dunlop is now the new secretary at Ladd Acres!  She’s terrifically excited!  The office manager is Andrea Ansari’s mom.  Teri will be great there.  It was her birthday on Friday, so it was fun for her to get this job on her birthday!

Okay.  Just sayin’ – There’s only 114 days left until my Christmas phone call/Skype visit! Not that I’m counting or anything (or that there’s a count down on my phone ;-0)

Adam, how are Benedito and Sonia doing this week?  Hopefully they’ve made progress.  The gospel can bring so much happiness.  Hopefully they will decide that too! How did dessert night go? 

Drew, how’s Sonora so far?  Hopefully, no one died last Tuesday?? I hope that is behind you!  How’s it going with Elder Luna?  How is it that an 18 year old can serve?  Are the rules different in different countries??

Brad, how’s it going?  We are definitely waiting to hear from you!  What kind of work are you doing?  What have you learned about begin “embedded” with an Afghani community?  Is there a lot of interaction with the people?  Are you a part of that or do you have other work to do? 

Well, I’m heading to bed.  Hoping to wake up to a little conversation with you Adam!  Let me know when you are on line.  Hopefully, I won’t oversleep!

I love you all and wait to hear from you all!!!!!!

Have a productive week,


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