Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of September 10, 2012

DREW!!! A VOLCANO ERUPTION?????!!!!!!  ARE YOU OKAY????????????
We want all the details.  Did you see smoke?  Ash?  Is it blowing in your direction or away from you? 
Here’s a photo that Brad sent last week.  Only a few more weeks to go! 
Okay.  I found the fix for Dad’s little truck’s broken window handle on the passenger side.  New power window!!

Hmm.  Sounds like most of the news is NOT happening here!  Just a work-a-day week for us!
Oh, Annie starts work at a local Subway this week.  There is one over by the Hillsboro Winco that has a drive thru window and Annie has done that before.  It’s a start!  She wrecked on her motorcycle again yesterday and she is bruised all up one side.  Glutten for punishment I guess!  She’s having a lot of fun.

Can you play videos on the computers there?  If so, I’ll send you some video that Nick’s dad took this week while Annie was riding. 
Cameron came home last week.  We got to see him speak in Sacrament meeting this morning, then his family had an open house for him this evening.  All 6 of his siblings were here and a grandma, a couple of aunts and his dad from St. George, UT came.  Pretty fun for him.  He admitted to me tonight, though that he hasn’t left the house all week.  He’s got a bad case of RM shock going.  HE’s not sure what to do with himself and he doesn’t have a plan in mind for work or school yet.  He promised he’d visit the kids at Seminary and Band practice this week, though. 

Oh, Jeff Foody was called as a Seminary Teacher today.  I think he’ll be working at Hilhi and Century.  Don’t know the schedule yet, though.  Pretty fun.
My Birthday was fun. Dad made me salmon for dinner with spinach salad and garlic bread.  Yum.  He and Lainey made me cake and Dad bought me a cool new book by Mitt Romney.  Annie and Nick came over and gave me a card.  It’s always fun having them over.  Love their company!
That’s all I’ve got for this week!  How about you??
Oh, one more thing….

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