Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of February 27, 2012


We got home from church a little while ago and got a wonderful message from the first counselor in the Birmingham mission presidency!  I think he said his name was Brother Memory? 

He gave us a “good report” and told us you were doing well and had a smile on your face. 

Such wonderful words for a mother to hear!  Just sorry we missed his call!

Well, according to the letter we got from the mission, you should have P-Day on Monday, so I’m very anxious to hear what you got to go through with the weather this past several days.  Will you be in a position to do any service work while you are there?  We wondered if that wasn’t the reason so many of you were diverted there!

Things are clicking along over here.  Drew went in for his final interview with President Fotheringham this morning.  He’ll be set apart Tuesday morning at 8:00am (we’re all taking work and school off that day) and then we’ll take him to the airport around 2:00pm.  Wow.  I can’t believe it’s here after all this anticipation.  The emotions are starting up all over again!!

Lainey is sick!  She has a 103 degree temp and a bad cough, sore throat and cold.  Poor thing.  I don’t even remember the last time she had a fever.  Hopefully, she won’t share it with Drew before he goes!

So, Drew goes Tuesday and Dad goes to DC Wednesday (without me!) and also on Wednesday, Brad goes to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina for selection for PsyOps.  Wish them all luck!!!

Then Dad gets home on Tuesday the 13th and leaves the very next morning (your birthday!!) for two days in Texas for another event.  We’ll be without a man for a week and a half.  Don’t know if we’ll survive. Eh, no sweat!

Love you!!


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