Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of September 17, 2012


I’m getting a late start on my email for this week! 

We had a busy week! Or more like weekend.  We had an all-day practice for band on Saturday and then the family bbq.  It went very well!  I didn’t take any pictures.  If someone posts one, I’ll send it next week.

Dad and I spent the weekend finishing up inputting all the medical forms into our new band website that keeps track of all our stuff.  What a job that was!  Took all weekend!  But now, we can give all the band families a log-in and they can access all their band information.  Inventory, volunteer hours, financial information, demographics, etc.

Other than that, we’ve done nothing!  We are getting ready now to go to Tri-cities (Pasco, Washington) for our first comptetition.  The next week is the Century Showcase.  Things are ramping up!

All the Oregon colleges started classes this week, so most of the facebook stuff is all about that.  Moving in, first week, etc.

Last night we had the elders over for dinner.  We invited Annie, but she was a no show.  I made chowder, though and it was wonderful.  Those elders just make me miss you more, but they also fill me with joy as they remind me so much of Adam and Drew!  They are heaven sent!

I’m settling in with the new Rosedale library classes.  We’ve started novels with all but the 1st grade.  I’m reading Charlottes Web to the 2nd graders!  So fun. 

The presidential election is the hot topic lately in the news.  So much negativity everywhere. 

Brad, I had a long conversation on facebook IM with Lauren about both politics and religion.  She was extremely polite!  I’m still really liking that girl….

Well, I think I’d better go.  Gotta get busy with work preparations.  Feed the dogs, laundry, dishes.  You know the drill….

I love you all!!!!!

Have an awesome week.

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