Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of May 28, 2012

Hello!  How are you all doing?????

We had another busy week here at home.  Imagine that!

On Monday last week, which was Memorial Day, we went down to Waterfront Park again like we did two years ago.  We listened to the speakers and singing groups.  Turns out that one of the choirs that Mike Loveland sings with was the main choir for this event this year.  It was fun seeing him perform.  He played his guitar for an original song that someone wrote about the war veterans.  It was very moving. 

Then we took Grandma to Chipotle for her first steak burrito.  Hey, they serve brown rice now! Also, we gave her a Voodoo donut run.  There were long lines there this year.  Then we went up to the Vietnam veterans memorial by the zoo.  She’s never seen that before either. 

Lainey had her end of the year Lacrosse party on Tuesday.  That was fun.  Haven’t experienced “sports” parties in a  number of years. 

The band is busy getting ready for the Grand Floral Parade which will happen this coming Saturday, the 9th.

We had our camp kickoff meeting for Hillsboro Stake Girls camp on Thursday.  I’m getting ready to do crafts again this year.

Friday was Pizza night and then we went to Scott Huskey’s wedding reception at her parents’ home which is near my school. 

Yesterday, Saturday we ran all day long.  We went to Aunt Donna’s to work on her computer a little. She has moved again.  This time to a small apartment very close to her old house.  In fact, it’s just across McLaughlin from her old neighborhood.  It’s a very small apartment by the Westmoreland park.  Adam, I think we did an episode of Nowhere man there at that park years ago. 

Then we went to Ikea so that Grandma could buy a mirror for Lainey’s new room.  After that we went to Marty’s loft for dinner and then to watch the Starlight Run and Parade.  Maren, Brenna and Teri all ran this year.  It was Brenna’s birthday, so their costume was streamers, balloons and party hats.  When they got back to join us for the parade, we sang happy birthday to her and the whole crowd joined in.  It was fun!  Drew, I gave her the second CD then and the glass bowl with all the little stars in it.  She loved it!  Don’t know if she’s read the papers yet or not, but she was impressed.  
Grandma will go home again on Wednesday.  I think she’s ready to see her own digs again.  It’s been so much fun having her here just to visit us.  Haven’t been able to do that for years.  Sounds like Grandpa’s been having fun with Mitch.  They’ve been fishing, out to shop at the guy stores and to a basketball playoff game!  

So, when we got to church today a newer family in the ward sat in front of us.  They have two little boys and then two little toddler girls – Twins!!  Dad loved that! 

Elder Lawrence and Taylor say hi!  Oh, and Elder Gardner is flashing his “fiancé” now on Facebook with her nice new engagement ring.  These boys are wasting no time at all with getting hitched!  Chism is married already!

Emily Peck’s brother Carter just opened his mission call tonight.  He’s going to the Micronesia, Guam Mission!  English speaking.  Guam is actually and American territory, so it should be fun.  I bet he takes a boat to Zone meetings!  Guam is just a little island that is about 10 miles wide and 30 miles long.  Fun! He leaves September 5th, so he has the summer to prepare.

Spoke to Brother Weed today.  We exchange words like, “how’s your missionary doing?” and “Great!  And how are yours?” Pretty funny.  Nothing specific, since I’m always in a rush to get to Primary these days. 

Adam, how’s your foot doing this week??????  I’m anxious for a report!  Dad pulled his own stiches out of his finger on Friday.  One of them was getting infected, but it’s better now.  He’s so ADD, he obsessed over them all week.  Silly man. 

Band awards are this Tuesday.  Can’t believe another year is passed.  7 ½ more days of school!!!!  Then summer!

And Adam, you hit your 6 months on the 28th!  Then Drew less than 2 ½ months later…It’s going by! 

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Can’t wait to get your emails this week! 

Drew, my clock is set to ring every day at 7:00am to pray with you!

Love you all,


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