Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of March 5, 2012

Well, Brother Memory called again on Tuesday!  He said he had lunch with you.  We were just sitting around the living room at the time waiting for time to leave for the airport with Drew. 

He left!!! When we got to the airport, we walked up to the airline desk and right away, the guy there asked “where are you headed, elder?”!  He was a member and he knows the Bell family (Aaron is a classmate of Lainey’s)!  He spoke almost exclusively in Spanish to Drew.  I was able to understand most of it.  It was great fun!  When all was done, he didn’t charge Drew for his two pieces of luggage (don’t know if he was supposed to…?) and he asked if we all wanted special passes to go to the gate with Drew to wait for the plane!  So, of course we said yes!  We had Lainey, Dad, myself and  Chad with us.  He gave us standby boarding passes and we all walked through security and out to the gate.  That gave us an extra hour with Drew!  Of course, Drew made us leave before they began to board.  I’m thinking he wanted to gather his emotions before he got going.  It was pretty emotional.  I wasn’t even crying until he started it!!

I got an email from him today.  He’s there and all of the missionaries from the MTC that met him there are part of one of the “experimental” groups.  They only learned missionary things and discussions at the Provo MTC for a couple of weeks.  Now they are going to learn their language at the Guatemala MTC.  So, Drew said he’s doing a lot of translation!

Oh, I’ll just forward his email to you so you can see for yourself.

So.  I’m sitting here at home.  Annie is gone for the day.  Lainey is at school and won’t be home until after practice at 6 and she also has Womens’ tonight.  Dad is on a plane between Chicago and DC.  Brad is on a plane to Ft. Bragg for selection to PsyOps.  I’m alone and lonely!!  Wow.  Did I really want this day to come?  I sure have plenty to do.  Lots and lots of rooms to sift, sort and store.  But that would mean you all are really gone!  I’m not sure I’m ready to admit that yet. 

Well the good part of sending Drew off is that it won’t be a full two years before I get one of you back.  Only about 21.5! But who’s counting?

I love you!  I hope you are having some fun and that you are working hard!  I know you’ll make a difference in people’s lives!

I’ll probably write again before next week, but not if there’s nothing to write about!  Nothing’s going on here anymore!


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