Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of October 8, 2012

Well, let’s start out this letter with a little high school fun. 

Lainey was asked to the Homecoming Dance by Aaron Bell.

He did it in a fun and creative way. 

So, last school year, Maren (I don’t know why) started calling Aaron (who’s 6’8”) “Punkin”.  Somehow that nickname stuck with Dad, and he started calling him “Punkin” too.  Also, Aaron calls Dad “Punkin” back.  It’s been pretty fun.  Meanwhile, Lainey has put some distance between herself and Eli and has started nurturing friendships elsewhere that include Calais Loftus, Clara Dunlop, Logan Wahl, Kaitlin Ellis, and other fun band/church kids.   Well, Wednesday night when Lainey and I got back from Mutual, we found these Jack-o-Lanterns on the front steps.  We didn’t know it, but Aaron and a few of his friends were watching from across the street.  Pretty cute.  So, Lainey and I baked cookies and she decorated a sign that said YES! and she had it on his music stand at Jazz Band the next morning.  So, Lainey has a date! 

She finally got her call.....

I have been called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the New Zealand Wellington Mission!! I will be speaking English, and report to the Provo MTC on January 9th!

And....Katie and Mark got married this week! They are planning a bigger bash in June.

Another fun event….

We finally made an appointment to take Dad’s feet to a podiatrist.  He took one look at Dad’s current ingrown toenail and said, “This will never get better. Your big toenail grows in too much of a bowed shape and it will always be ingrown and painful.”  So, his solution was to completely remove the nail.  Permanently!  He did it right then and there!  So, I got to watch yet another “procedure” in the Drs. Office involving Dad, needles and grossness.  This one would have really hurt had he not deadened Dad’s toe first.  So, now it will grow a tough layer of skin over it and he will never need to worry about it again.  He says that he can feel the other foot doing the same thing again, so I’m sure we’ll be doing the other one in a matter of months.  Meanwhile, Dad now has cream for the crackling foot and some antifungal liquid to remedy his other ugly toenails which should look better in the next few months. 

Here’s a gross photo for you.  This was taken two days after the procedure.

Yesterday was the 2012 Century Showcase!  We had another great show with plenty of behind the scenes drama in the volunteer room and very long hours.  Ultimately, it went very well and we had fun.  Most importantly, it’s done!!

And last, but not least!  Nick and Michelle Welch got married last week!

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