Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of March 19, 2012

Okay, I’m writing these letters to the both of you so that I won’t forget to tell one of you something that I told the other, and, let’s face it so that I won’t have to write the same thing twice!

First let me say that I LOVE YOU! Both of you are SO AMAZING TO ME!!!!

Okay.  Now for the important stuff that might be more interesting to Drew than to Adam.

Payton Manning just signed on with the Denver Broncos for a multimillion dollar contract starting this year.  So, where is poor old Tim Tebow heading??  Well, we’ve been wondering that for a day or so now, and the jokes are flying all over about how God had something to do with pushing him out of Denver.  Today, it was announced that he is going to play for the New York Jets! He will be the backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez who has a multimillion dollar contract with them already.  Weird, huh?!

In other news….well, it’s a slow week around here!! Andrew and Jewell got married last Saturday.  Dad is finally home.  Oh, and he passed a kidney stone Wednesday afternoon.  Pretty exciting!!

Lainey’s team won against Glencoe Tuesday night.  The score was 15-6.  It was pouring rain again and cold.  On Wednesday night, they played Liberty.  This team is coached by a girl who both played and coached for BYU.  We lost to them. I think the score was 11 to 4?  It was snowing on the field for her game!  We stood with our coats, blankets and umbrella, defending ourselves against the cold!  Even Darrell Boggs was there, six days post shoulder surgery, bundled up in his blanket yelling from the sidelines.  Such a tough guy!

Today is Friday.  A budget reduction day for the district, which means that spring break started a day early.  We are going to try to go to North Bend sometime next week, but haven’t decided yet. 

We had our yearly Relief Society Birthday dinner last night.  One of my callings now is to be on the RS committee for “other Relief Society” meetings, so I helped.  The theme was “Now is our time” and we brought a bunch of different clocks as centerpieces.  I was in charge of creating a timeline to display all about the history of Relief Society.  That was pretty fun!  I had a bunch of photos printed at Costco about past Presidents and things that happened and I also brought a bunch of Grandma Collier’s old watches and lace doilies to put around them on the display.  It turned out very nice.  Hmmm.  I should have taken a photo.  Darn. 

Julie Melanson borrowed my cd of Sheri Dew’s talk about leadership in Relief Society and she paraphrased some of it to share with the sisters.  She did a great job.  There are four things there that she speaks of that can both tear us down and build us up as sisters in the church.  Here are the

1. Make us squabble with one another

2. Make sure we don’t know who we are

3. To not know the meaning and purpose of the Atonement

4. Not believing that we can receive personal revelation

I love these four things, because the opposite is so true for all of us!

I’m thankful for people like Sister Dew who know what we need and how to present it so that we can understand. 

I hope you have a great week and I look soooo forward to your emails! 

Love you!!


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