Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week of February 18, 2013

So, if I can remember, I’m going to make an entry each day during the week and try to keep up with the details to share with you. So, here goes:

Monday, Feb 18:
It’s Presidents Day.  A day off of work and school for us all, except Annie.  Subway doesn’t take days off.

Dad left this morning and went to North Bend to take Grandma Hopper a new computer.  After he left, he called Grandma to tell her he was on his way and she told him that Grandpa wasn’t doing well and they might not be there when he arrived.  After a while, she called to tell Dad that the ambulance was coming to take him to the ER.  He was not himself and she was worried.  So, Dad went on to their house and installed the computer.  After that, he went up to the hospital and found that Grandpa was doing better.  They think there was something going on with his medications.  So, the plan was to discharge him to a nursing home later in the day and let him regain his strength before returning home.  Dad returned home again and all is well.

Lainey had a busy day today.  She started the day with conditioning for lacrosse.  Then she went ice skating with Aaron and his family.  When she returned, she went to play practice.  She is playing trombone for Willy Wonka at Century. 

Oh, while Dad was gone, Lainey discovered that the dryer was not heating.  This on a day when all three of us had our laundry to do!!!  So, I’ve spent the day washing and hanging up laundry.  There are clothes hanging everywhere! Lainey and Annie had to blow-dry their things just to have clothes to wear today!  What fun.  After Dad got home from driving all day, he took the dryer apart and troubleshot the problem.  The heating element was broken in half.  I think he may have found the problem!  He is amazing.  Don’t know what I’d do without him. 
I’m going to bed now!!

Okay.  Now it’s Sunday!  And I didn’t write on this all week!  Wow.  I’m amazing.  Anyway, what happened since Monday??? Work and school.  Hmmmm.  Yesterday, Annie and Nick came over to tell us that they just put a deposit on a little rental house in Hillsboro.  It is on Jackson St. and 2nd right across the street from Bagley park.  We played there on playdates when you guys were little (the year Lainey was 1), but you probably don’t remember it.  Here’s a photo of the house:

Here’s Annie’s description of it from Facebook:
It's on the Hillsboro historical registry. It was turned into condos in the 70's. so it is just an apartment, but it is way cute. Built in 1879 or something really old like that. It has like 12' ceilings in it.

I’m feeling sick today.  Sore throat and headache.  We have Book Fair this week.  Not a good combination…we’ll see how it goes! 

Hmmmm.  Have I shared photos with you of our bathroom?  The leak in the shower got just too bad, so Dad went all “hulk” on it and ripped out the shower along with all the rest of the fixtures.  It is now an empty room.  We are sharing the middle bathroom with Lainey.  She is being SO gracious. 

He is going to tile the floor and then tile in a shower stall.  We are looking for an antique dresser to turn into a sink.  Should be pretty cool when it’s finished.  Stay tuned!

Molly gave her farewell talk today in church.  She did great, as you would expect.  She leaves on March 6th for the Provo MTC, where she will only stay for 2 weeks before they send her out to Vegas.