Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of August 6, 2012

Hello!  We’re almost done travelling!  Tonight (Sunday) we are at the Hyde’s home in Pasco, Washington!  They send their love your way.  It’s like coming home to family.  Canna has turned 5 and is starting in Kindergarten this fall!  Can you believe that??

Drew, Canna would like to know when you are coming back??

Adam, we have your car!  We’ve slowly been towing her home.  So far, so good…

Here’s what I see out my rear view mirror!

We’ll be home tomorrow (Monday), but we’re going to make a stop in The Dalles to visit the Lupkes family.  Wish us luck to get through the gorge!  I’ll send you a picture next week of her in the driveway at home.

Adam, we went to dinner with Wayne and Patty this week.  It was a Brazillian BBQ place and I had this to drink:

Do you drink this?  Drew, have you had this too?  We spoke to a couple of returned missionaries who went to to Central/South America and they said they had these, but a different brand.

Well, we’ve travelled a lot this week, Lainey had a great time at EFY and made a lot of new friends.  She also met a roommate of Katie Blood.  She was a counselor at EFY.  Her name was Allison.  She said she remembers Drew and loved him! 

Hope your week was good. 

Brad, any news about deploying?  Let us know! 

Love you guys!

I’ll write more next week when I’m home.


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