Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of September 24, 2012


Another week! 

Well, I’m not sure what to tell you this week.  Dad went to California overnight on Friday.  He was doing something at UC Davis.  Luckily, he didn’t get pepper sprayed!  Or, maybe unluckily.  The courts awarded each of the pepper spray “victims” $30,000 for their trouble.  Travesty!

Annie and I accompanied the band to the stadium for a home game vs. Forest Grove.  We won!  I think it was something like 37 to 15.  Our marching band took the field at half time.  They did well.  Jim was out of town at his grandpa’s funeral, so I think we did pretty well without him. 

Annie has finished her second week at the Subway job.  She’s doing great!  Although she’s not thrilled with the actual job, she’s being very responsible about it.

Adam, Lainey told me this evening that Shelbie is expecting a baby…didn’t know if you knew that.  She’s in a relationship with Kyle Medick.

Here’s a fun one….


Kristen and Cory got a dog!!!

He’s pretty happy about it and Kristen is living a much different life than she thought she would…and she likes it!

In an effort to pare down the budget, we turned off our fios tv and our home phone. Thank goodness for BYU TV live streaming, Hulu and Google+ phone! We get to keep uplifting entertainment and our good old land line phone number that we've had since 1991. Modern technology!

 Dad took such good care of the tomatoes this summer. Bounty time!

Only 19 Days until Spencer Dunlop returns home…

The girls and I went to Jason and Claudia Hadley’s wedding reception at the Liddell’s home last night.  What fun.  This girl is great.  Jason is trying to figure out how to get her to move to Oregon… and Garth and Joanne are definitely planning a move back to Oregon next summer.  He is setting up clinicals with local doctors and has 3 or 4 out of the 5 he needs set up already.  We ARE excited!

This is a photo from a 112 mile bike ride they did together recently.  They amaze me!

We are going to Tri-Cities this Friday-Sunday for the Eastern Washington Cavalcade of Bands again.  Should be fun.  We are staying at a school called Southridge High this time.  Hopefully we will get to see the Hydes again.

Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have word from you Brad, that you are on your way back to the states??  I hope so!!!

Well, I’m finishing my “online training” courses for the School District tonight.  They were due by today.  Got about one more hour to go. 

Talk to you again next week!!

Love you all,


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