Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of April 2, 2012

Hello you two!!

I hope your week has gone well!  Ours was pretty uneventful…work and school for all.  The usual.  Back from Spring Break and on to April.

Until Thursday (yesterday).  The day started out normal.  We all left the house and I went to work.  Then, at around 8:00am, my stomach started to feel a little off.  Then it started to feel upset.  By the time the kindergarteners came to the library at 9:20, I was really feeling sick.  I thought I had eaten something that didn’t agree with me.  Then I was able to pop my hernia back in place (which usually solves these kind of stomach issues for me).  But, my painful stomach just kept getting worse.  By 10:15, I was on the phone to Nina Hastings and she was on her way to sub for me for the rest of my day at work.  By 11:00, I was home, crawling into bed.  Then, I threw up and by 2:00-ish, I texted dad and asked him to take me to the ER.  Boy, did that hurt!  It started at the top of my abdomen (not normal for the hernia) and worked its way down the right side  and radiated to my right kidney.  I thought maybe my intestine may have ruptured at the hernia or something.  Well, a two hour wait in the ER waiting room, and I was fit to be tied!  Well, after throwing up again, I changed position in the chairs, stuck my fist into my stomach and leaned on it and before I knew it, I was asleep and the whole thing reduced and resolved on its own.  When I woke up, I was fine.  Just like any other “episode” with this hernia.  We finally were called back to a room, where the Doctor told me it’s probably about time I saw a surgeon about this issue.  You think that after 6 years of so of dealing with this I should make some appointments?? So, I guess that in June, right after school gets out and just before camp, I’ll get this thing taken care of.  I hope.


Well, enough about me.  We went to Lainey’s lacrosse game tonight. It was at Tualatin High School.  What a nail biter!!  It was such a good game!  They were tied at the end of the game and went into overtime. Twice! Then, they lost by one goal.  Such a sad night!!  Lainey got to play a lot this game!  That’s pretty good, since there are a couple of other “newbies” that haven’t played yet this season and she’s gotten to play at least a few minutes in most of the games so far. 

We had a lovely afternoon with some sunshine today!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny ALL DAY!!! Then Sunday night, we’re back into rain.  Boy, am I getting tired of wetness!  March set a record rainfall. 

Someone stole the stuffed Captain Underpants from my library today!  I’m so disappointed!

I really enjoyed conference!  My favorite talk I think was  on Sunday morning when President Uchtdorf spoke first.  Earlier in the morning, I got up to make homemade cinnamon rolls and got to feeling sorry for myself and feeling lonely and grumpy.  Well, I kinda said a little prayer to myself asking if I could have some peace in my mind during conference that I could find a resolution to my resentment that I spend so much time by myself every Sunday in the kitchen instead of having my family around, sharing in the work and spending time together.  I’ve felt that way since we moved into this compartmentalized house!!  But on this particular day, I was feeling especially lonely.  Well, as soon as President Uchtdorf spoke, I knew I’d gotten my answer.  Wow.  That talk was just for me!  He told me to “Stop it!”  I had to laugh out loud right then and there (along with the rest of the audience).  Then the rest of his talk was right up Annie’s alley.  I have to corner her to listen to this talk!  I hope that when I do, she will hear it with the right set of ears. Adam, she does listen to you when you ask her to look things up or listen to something.  So, both of you should keep writing to her and sharing with her as you are inspired to do so. 

By the way, Annie got notice in the mail yesterday that her divorce is recorded.  She was quite happy about that.  She is also babysitting for one of Nick’s roommates once a week.  A cute little two year old girl.  Annie is totally in her element with children!  Two of her friends are having babies very soon, so I’m sure she will be involved with them a lot in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Happy Easter to you!  Have a wonderful week!!

Much love, hugs and kisses!


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