Friday, October 12, 2012

Week of April 14, 2012

Happy Friday to Adam and Drew!

Well Drew, I don’t know if you will continue to get Saturday P-Days or not now that you’re in the mission field, so until I find out, I’ll continue writing to you both on Fridays to be sure.  I do hope that your P-Days are on a day that is different from Monday.  I like having two days each week to look forward to hearing from you two!

But, if Monday is the day for both, I won’t argue!

Heard on Facebook that Chad was set apart as a Missionary last night (Thursday). He’s reporting on Wednesday, April 25th!  We haven’t actually seen him since you left, Drew, but sounds like he’s going!

Adam, how’s it going with your family of girls?  Did the Dad and the last sister commit to being baptized yet?  I hope so!  What a wonderful thing to be able to go on this journey as a whole family.

Lainey has been playing most of the games in lacrosse, which is great since most of the “newbies” don’t get much playing time.  She actually took a few shots at the goal tonight (thanks to Maren who trusted her with passes), but didn’t score yet.  She’s getting there! 

Casey Evenhus and Corey Davis graduated from BYU this week.  Haven’t heard where Corey is going next, but we’ll catch up with that side of the family next week.  We’re going down to Medford to Nicole’s wedding on Saturday, the 28th.  Weird to see her get married.  She’s just a little kid!

Dad has a new appointment for Dr. Borus to see about one more knee scope before we try to talk him in to converting him to a total knee.  We’ll see.

And I have an appointment with the surgeon who fixed my last hernia.  May 3rd.  The same day Brenna gets home…

Wow.  Nothing exciting has happened this week.  We’re pretty boring people these days.  Just working at getting ready for Girls Camp and Trek.  Also, Lainey gets to go on high adventure this year and she will attend EFY at Rexburg this summer.  She’ll be busy.  Don’t know how we ever did this with all five of you!  She’s keeping us busy!

Adam, what city are you serving in?  I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it.  I’m going to have maps printed to post and we want to mark each of the towns or cities that you serve in.  Also, I want to try to keep track of all your companions names.  Just for fun.

So, I know that at least one person is reading your letters that I post on your blogs.  Every time I mention you two to Bishop Stott, he has all the stories down as well as I do.  He finishes my sentences!  It’s fun to see how excited and involved he is in your lives.  Stalker without the creepy!

So, how’s the food?  Both of you should describe your best meal and you worst and we’ll compare.  Do you eat at members homes like the missionaries here or do you fend for yourselves mostly? 

Annie continues to do well.  Still needs a job, but I can still see growth every day.  I love that girl so much!!!!!

I hope you are both still doing well.  You are my personal heroes and we are so proud of you and your courage!  Can’t wait to hear more stories!

Love you,

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