Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week of October 1, 2012

Here’s the big news item for the week…..from Uncle Marty’s Facebook:

Well, it started out to be a normal evening, got done teaching my night class, went to my condo for the night, parked, turned the car off, then all of a sudden, smoke everywhere! Then... FIRE! Chrysler lives no more, 8 fire trucks came to put the fire out, Jefferson Street in downtown blocked off for 2 hours, and most of my neighbors evacuated the tower because of smoke throughout the whole building. Here's a few pics, a video that one of my neighbors took of the car burning will follow soon when he sends it. Well, my first new car, almost 25 years later...

Okay.  Change “gears” now.  It’s the weekend and we heard Conference!  Actually, we were at the Tri-Cities competition when the “Mormon” girls came to find us in the gym where we were staying to tell us moms that the Prophet had just announced the age change for missionary service!  Brad- If you haven’t heard, the Prophet announced that the age for serving a mission will immediately change to 18 years old for men and 19 years old for women.  They were SO EXCITED!!  Lainey, Calais (who is a senior this year), Clara, and several others were all abuzz!

So, I have some theories about how this will affect a lot of things.  Not the least of which is your Little sister!  Think about it.  Since the age of service went down by two years and we assume many more young women will be excited to serve missions now, that means that for the next two years, there will be a lot of women gone from the church universities.  Maybe that means that they will be able to be more liberal in their selection process for admissions….I’m excited!  Here is a photo I found on Facebook:

Pretty funny, right??!

Adam and Drew: I’m guessing that what this means to you is that you will likely spend your second year on your missions training young 18 year-olds!  Sound exciting????

Also, we just got back from Tri-cities.  Guess what?  A truck lost its brakes and had to pull off at Hood River on the way home.  Our other truck pulled off with it and now we have no luggage or equipment to unload!  Never a dull band trip!  We actually had very good bus drivers this time. 

You should see what has happened for the band this year.  I’ll give you a visual:

Front half of our new “train”.  See the Golf Cart at the front?  It’s a NEW one!!!! Very powerful, but not as noisy as a four wheeler.

And here is the back half.  You can see in each photo new metal speaker cases.  We have a dad now who works for a company that makes the golf carts and his company likes to donate each year to non-profits…we get to benefit this year!  The same dad helped build these speaker carts.  It worked out so well and the front ensemble didn’t have to push their equipment to the fields and back this year.  Wonderful!!

Also, Ted Fuller (Hannah-alum and Ian-a sophomore) donated funds and helped to get us 3 new drum major stands!  One large one for the front and two smaller ones.   Thrilling!!

Well, I’m exhausted.  Two nights in a COLD gym and on a bus.  Going to go take a nap and then watch some of the conference we missed.  I hope it was wonderful for you!!!!

Well, here’s another one!  Brit Carson is engaged.  Did I already tell you that one?  I’m starting to lose track. 

PS-Drew, I’m glad you like my new signature! 

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