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Week of October 22, 2012

Hello!!  What a week this has been!  It seems I’ve lived two weeks in one!

Well, I’ll just start right in! 

When I went to bed at about 11:00pm on Monday night, I thought to myself “well, Brad is supposed to have his homecoming ceremony at 4:00am on Tuesday.”  I knew that at that time, it was already 2am in Savannah, so he would be there in two hours and I would not be there to greet him as I dreamed I’d do.  I felt like I had failed my son.  During Brad’s deployment, my plan was to be there when he came home.  We checked out United Airlines since that is where Dad’s frequent flyer miles are.  We knew there was no way to purchase a ticket with cash.  When we looked, we found that United had raised their frequent flyer prices by two times and we were priced out of the market.  I was in contact with Brad’s girlfriend Lauren and knew that I’d have to let her know that I’d failed in my attempt to attend. 

Then, Tuesday morning when I got up, I began attempting to get a hold of Brad, since he should be stateside by then.  Well, he replied almost right away and told me he was still in Manas!  He had been bumped to another flight group and was scheduled to arrive for a ceremony at 8pm on Wednesday!  So, I mentioned to Dad that it would be good to check the airline just one more time just in case there was a change in price.  Dad said he would and I went to work.  Didn’t hear from him and so I called him.  He checked and the prices had come back down!!!!  So, he then commenced looking for a  hotel that he could use his Starwood Points with so I could stay the night.  Long story short, I was on my way to Savannah, Georgia that night!!!!!  I took a red eye flight and landed in Savannah the next morning at 10:56am.  I waited a little while to get a rental car (the only expense I ended up having to pay besides some food) and then drove to Ft. Stewart and met up with Lauren and her dad at Brad’s friends Mark and Amanda Sullivan’s home.  They were so kind and what a great fun house of many children!  They have a little girl who is 8(?), a little boy who is almost 2 and twin baby boys who are 4 ½ months old.  So much fun!

A few hours later, we went out to the ceremony.  We waited and pretty soon the busses arrived with the soldiers aboard.  The feelings were electric as I watched so many excited family members and friends come out to greet these brave soldiers! 

It was soooo worth the trip!  And I was able to surprise Brad!!  I love you Brad!

I got to go see his barracks and then the next morning Lauren and Brad came and took me to breakfast before I had to return to the airport and fly home.  A quick 48 hours and I was back to work and regular life!!

Here are some photos I took while we were together:

Well, I got back home just in time to hit the ground running for homecoming!  Lainey, as you know was invited to the dance by Aaron Bell.  They planned to have dinner at Tyler Jones’ home.  They were going with a group of 10 kids.  Fun group!

Lainey decided that she wanted to use Annie’s “Cinderella” dress that I made for her sophomore year, but she wanted it shortened.  So I thought, no problem!  I made the dress, so I can alter it, right?  Well, we purchased some lace to put on the bottom hem and I got to work cutting 18 inches off the length of the dress and applying the lace.  When I had that done, 4 hours before time for her to get dressed, I took it downstairs to press it.  One touch of the iron told me that it was too hot and put a giant hole right in the front of the dress near the hem!!!!  I screamed, I cried, I fretted, I felt stupid  and foolish for doing something so very basically wrong and ruining that beautiful dress. 

Well, a couple of hours later and with Nina Hastings over to cheer me on and Dad and Lainey making a trip to the fabric store to get some pearl trim, I reconstructed the front panel of the dress with the fabric I cut from the old length that I had cut off.  We had a new dress!   

She looked beautiful and it all went well.  What a stressful day!!  We also made two dozen rolls from scratch that day.  All in a day’s work!

Oh, and by the way, before all that on Saturday, we got a wakeup call in the morning from the Ward to tell us that vandals had broken into the church building in the night and discharged the fire extinguishers all over the south hall way and the nursery.  We were all meeting that morning to wash down the chapel and clean it all up!! 

Oh, and one more story.  Annie is now the best neighborhood watch person in the area!  She was in her room looking out the window when she saw across the park (on the street the Foodys live) there were a bunch of boys gathering at the driveway of a newly built house.  The house doesn’t have a roof or siding yet, so it is just under construction.  Then she saw them go into the house and start pulling stuff out!  She came downstairs and told us and then called 911.  We went back up to her room and watched the action.  Very soon, a police car pulled in off of Rock Road and stopped halfway down the block.  He got out and walked up.  Then we saw a car come up on Jay street and started shining a bright beam of light over to the house.  The walking officer started yelling and we heard him say “everyone stop and sit down!  Nobody move!”  Then another car pulled up from the direction of the Foodys house and several other cars from varying directions.  We saw a person run beside the house and go into the back yard.  It looked like one or two of them were trying to jump the fence on the west side of the back yard, so Annie called the dispatch back and told them.  I think they got them too!  We watched as lights went throughout the house and they pulled several people out.  It was cool!!  Now, Drew….add Annie to the family roster of crime stoppers!!

So you can see….no slow moving around here! 

Have a great week!!

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