Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of October 29, 2012

Wow.  Halloween was the quietest it’s been for years!  We just sat at home and gave out candy.  No buffet this year.  No money for eating out.  It’s okay, though.  Lainey had fun and that’s all I care about.  She went to a friends’ house and played games and decorated cookies. 

It was championships week!  Lainey was pretty busy getting ready for that.  It rained all week, so rehearsals were pretty cold and wet.  On Friday, the band practiced at Aloha High School because once again, we got pushed off of the Stadium schedule.  So frustrating!  Saturday was a very busy day, of course.  All day.  And into the night.  We got home at about 1:00am, but thanks to daylight savings time ending, we got an hour back!  Good thing too, because we had Stake Conference today and we had to leave home before 9am! 

Here are a few photos:

Madi and her trombone!

And here’s a fun pep band shot…

This week is the powder puff game and Lainey is playing for the Junior team!  Can’t wait to cheer her on! 

It’s also the end of the quarter, so we have Friday off.  Then the next Monday is Veterans Day, so we have a four day weekend!  Glad to have some down time.  Maybe I’ll cook or clean!

Annie has continued to do really well.  I’m so proud of her.  She has a sunny outlook lately and usually is in a good mood.  She opens the restaurant regularly and does a great job.  A Washington County inspector dropped in the other morning on one of Annie’s opening days, which means everything rides on whether she did a good job or not that day.  The store scored a 100% on the inspection!  She was so proud!  The owner and manager promoted her to PIC (just short of an assistant manager) and gave her a raise.  She’s great! We all knew that already…

Oh, and Lainey was asked (along with Aaron Bell) to play trombone in the Beaverton Stake production of Seussical the Musical!  They have one more week of rehearsals and then they perform the 15-17th of November.  So fun!   Hope to send you some photos of that too!

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