Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of December 31, 2012

Hello and happy Sunday! 

This day has been a wonderful day.  We started 9:00am church today.  That isn’t the good part…until we get home at noon and have the rest of the day left! It was also fast and testimony meeting day.  It is also the first week of the year, which means all the Primary changes to new classes and teachers.  We (the Primary Presidency) have been working to prepare for this and have been anticipating all the new changes.  I’m also responsible for the lesson all month in Sharing Time. 

We sat in Sacrament meeting (a meeting, which you all know I enjoy very much) and I noticed that Michael Robertson and his wife were still here (the last few days before heading back to school in Boston).  Such a fun thing to see the kids come back to the ward with their spouses and families.  They have a little baby boy named Mica who looks just like Scotts two boys. 

Anyway, during the testimony time, Michael got up and bore a sweet and simple testimony.  I don’t remember much of what he had to say, except that it made me feel the Spirit.  I love it when Michael does that!  Anyway, part of what he said was, of course that he grew up in this Ward.  Well, there was a lull in the meeting and the Spirit worked on me.  I had to get up.  I bore my testimony of thankfulness for “normal” and “every day” things and people.  I spoke about the “week to week” process of coming to church and preparing to teach in our regular callings.  I spoke about those who are willing to come day after day to teach our children.  I am grateful for the blessing of staying in a Ward for 25 years so that I could watch these kids grow from infancy to childhood to teenagers and then to adults who were able to benefit from those who are willing to show up each week and teach.  Those who give a hand to the kids who can lean on their testimonies until the kids are strong and mature enough to stand on their own and then take on their lives, finding good companions and then bringing up their own families week by week.  It was so fun to stand and be grateful for “normal”. 

Well, I hope your week has been good.  Drew, I hope your life has settled a bit and you are getting your grounding.  Adam, I am excited to hear about the new families in your life and in your new area.  Both of you, tell us about your new surroundings.  What are your new Wards like?  Your new bishop?  How about your new companions?  I don’t remember their names…

Speaking of companions, our Elder Peterson got up in testimony meeting today to give his last testimony.  He is going home.  The bad part of having the AP’s in our ward is that they seem to leave for home too frequently.  Of course, when you have that kind of responsibility, it is usually your last area, so we expect to be the ones to send them home.  After the block today, I asked him when he is leaving and he looked at his watch and said, “In a matter of a few hours!”  What an exciting time. 

Oh, and Elder Laurence (he left in about October to go home) is engaged!  Sheesh!  These boys waste no time.  I hear that Elder Peterson has a girl waiting too, so we’ll see what happens for him. 

Well, New Year’s Eve for us was spent at the Dunlops home playing chicken foot while all the kids were gone to dances.  It was fun and quiet.  Not much else happened this week.  Dad and Lainey helped me put all the Christmas decorations away on New Year’s Day.  The next time I get those out, Adam will be on his way home and Drew will be very short timing it!  It will be here again before we know it!  No more “two” of anything, just “last” of everything.  The last birthdays, Easters, July 4th’s, Summers, Halloweens, etc. until you are both underfoot again!  What a bother you will be!  Hah!

Tonight (in just a few minutes from now) I am going to the first planning meeting for this year’s Stake Young Women’s camp.  Can’t wait to find out the theme this year.  Then I’ll be planning the crafts again.  I’m excited to get going on it again. 

When we came back from North Bend last week, the Explorer started acting up even more than before.  Dad says the transmission is on its last legs.  He is looking to replace it in the next few weeks.  Something new to take all our energy and money!  At least Dad thinks he can do it so it will save us a lot in labor costs. 

Speaking of cars, Seth Carstens’ mission papers have been submitted and Grace Huskey’s are just about ready.

Brad, are you back in Savannah again?  How was your trip to DC?  Looks like you had fun!   

No photos to share this week.  Kind of a slow photo week!

Have a great week!  Can’t wait to hear from you!


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