Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of December 24, 2012

Happy New Year!  Let Adam's Blackout year ends and Drew's begins!  We're making progress!  

Speaking of counts, on my phone, I have count downs for all of you boys and a count UP for Annie's clean days.  Drew and Annie traded places yesterday!  Drew was at 413 and Annie was at 412.  Today, Drew was 412 and Annie was 413!  Happy passing day!  I've added a countdown for Brad now for when he separates from the Army.  I guess he'll be the next one to pass Annie in days.  I'll let you know when that will happen.  It must have happened with Adam, but I wasn't paying attention! Brad has 560 days left of Army life.... so 75-ish days from now, he and Annie will pass each other!  

Enough of that counting stuff.

It was great hearing from all of you on Christmas!!!!!  In some ways, though, it makes me miss you more, but I wouldn't ever have missed it!  In spite of power outages and changing around of houses and computers!  (Drew, Adam went through a power outage during out hangout, so he had to change to another location and call again.  Then when the power came back they switched again!).

It was fun to see Adam and Brad!

Adam, I got to see a little about what you mean by the members continuing to offer you food, even when you don't want anymore!  I'm glad you are being well fed, though.  Even if you don't have food sometimes in the evenings.  I think in America, we could just tell the families that they need to be more considerate of your meals, but there, I guess it's different.  

So, as you might have figured out by now, I belong to a few LDS Missionary and Military Moms Google lists and we are all moms who are awaiting our children while they are serving and we help each other with problems/questions along the way from receiving the call to coming home.  One of the Brazilian missionary moms said that her son came home with a "tie tan".  That is the sun shone so bright, that it went through his shirt and garment top except where his tie was!  Any experience with that one????  I thought it was pretty funny.  So did a bunch of other moms!  

Also, there is a mom of a missionary in Guatemala City Central who also has a son that served in Portland and served most of his mission in the Beaverton area.  Drew do you know a missionary named Michael Rose?  His brother Timothy served here.  I didn't meet him, but it was fun to share that with their mom.  

Some of the moms have said that their Brazilian missionaries are suffering some pretty bad skin ailments while they've been out.  Elder Dallin Russell, I guess has had problems with it.  Do you know him?  Anyway, just a connection with the other moms is kind of fun.  

I still need to call Elder Morgan back in Hillsboro and connect with him for Adam!

So, right now, we are in North Bend.  We came down on Thursday and will go back tomorrow (Monday) so that Lainey can attend the New Year Dance.  We were able to see Lynn and all her kids and grand kids   It was fun!  Those kids are adorable and very friendly.  Myla will be going to Kindergarten this fall!!  Annie and Nick borrowed a car from a friend and came down last night so they got to see everyone too.  They woke up to a flat tire this morning and had to spend most of the day dealing with that today before they headed home.  I'm waiting to hear from them that they arrived safely.  It was a fast trip for them, but it was what they could do.  Annie has not been able to get two straight days in a row off.  They already depend on her way too much and have a lot of flaky employees.  Annie is their dependable one!!!! Yeah!!

Well, have a safe and happy new year!  I look forward to your emails this week!

Love you!


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