Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of December 3, 2012


It seems the weeks just fly by, because here I am on a Sunday night and realized….I haven’t started an email to you yet!! 

Hmmmm.  Last week.  What did I do to spend my time???

Let me start by showing you a little show and tell.  This is a map of Brazil.  I found it while looking around in the storage room upstairs (formerly known as Adam and Drew’s bedroom, but it’s now FULL of 5 kids “stuff”).  Adam drew this when he was 11 years old!  Can you find your area on the map? 

Most of the rest of my time was spent sewing little circles of fabric.  The adults in the Inman family drew names for Christmas to save everyone money this year.  I drew Micque!  So, I am hand sewing her a little Americana style table topper.  I’ll show you a picture of it partly laid out on my bed.  It consists of about 300 little “yoyo” rounds all sewn together to make a star pattern in red, white, blue and gold. 

I’m about half way done with the little circles.  Grandma and Grandpa are coming up next weekend, so I’m trying to finish it by Saturday so I can send it back with them to North Bend. 

By the way, have I told you that Uncle Marty is scheduled to have double carpal tunnel surgery on the 18th?  That’s right, both arms at once!  That’s why G&G Inman are coming up.  They are going to help him when he comes home from the hospital and then take him back to North Bend for the holidays while he recovers.  I don’t envy that one! 

Amanda Tomlinson announced her engagement this week:

Shanari Baird is expecting a baby! She’s about 18 weeks.  22 more to go! 

By the way Adam, Shelbie is still pregnant.  She has about 10 weeks to go.

We are still working at the tree lot.  This will be the last week.  We’ve had so many no-shows that Dad and I’ve been there a lot filling in.  So annoying!

Dad is sick, sick, sick.  With a cold.  He pushed through yesterday not feeling good, but never got out of bed today.  He took a shower and came into the kitchen for dinner, but that’s all we saw of him.  He’s already told us he’s not going to work tomorrow.  Must be nice.  I’ll probably catch the cold next and I’ll get to go to work anyway.  Looking forward to it!

Okay.  15 more days until my Christmas calls!!!!!  Best gifts ever!!! But I’m not excited or anything.  Why do you ask?? ;0)

That’s about it!!

I’m out!

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