Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of November 26, 2012

Well, Hmmmm.

What to tell you about last week. 

Monday-Tree Lot

Tuesday-Tree Lot, Annie caught a cold

Wednesday-Tree Lot

Thursday-Tree Lot

Friday-Tree Lot, Dad went to Nashville, Annie got sent home from work sick and told not to show up on Saturday either. Nick returned (finally) from Pendleton and should be home permanently until the spring.

Saturday-No tree lot!  Had to get a sub for a no-show at the tree lot, but avoided going there. Started some Christmas craft projects.

Sunday-Church, forgot to watch First Presidency Christmas Devotional! Went to Quatama Ward Priesthood preview, Dad returns home.

How’s that???? Not much to tell you!!

Our life (more like MY life) is all about the TREE LOT!

Oh, I got new glasses!  Two pair.  One for far and one for near.  Seems I need glasses to thread a needle now.  So annoying.  At least I can sit down and quilt if I want. 

Looking forward to hearing about what Adam’s transfer shaped up to be last week.  Hmmm.  Or was that this week?

I know!!!!!  SHAULANA is ENGAGED!!!!!!

Don’t know much.  Studying to be a police officer?  Met him in Louisiana where she’s going to school for her Master’s program. 

Now, there’s some news!

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