Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of November 12, 2012

Happy week!  And happy Thanksgiving!

Dad took the whole week off.  Because he can, I guess, and Lainey and I just have work and school Monday and Tuesday, so we will enjoy having a long weekend for Thanksgiving.  Not to worry, though because we will be plenty busy!  Dad is leaving on a work trip Friday, so he will miss the Macy’s parade and pulling Christmas trees from Schlegel farm for the tree sale that starts this week.  But Lainey and I will be here! 

Enough about the future.  Here’s what happened last week!

Annie had her one year birthday last week!  We took the girls to Hometown Buffet to celebrate and then Dad and I attended her “home meeting” in Hillsboro.  Annie ran the meeting and she was the main speaker there.  I transcribed it to a document so that I could share it with you.  Dad actually volunteered to stand up and say a few words and between the two of them, I (and many others) cried our eyes out!  It was a very moving experience.  Never underestimate the power of people in recovery.  They are great people.  And loyal people.  Annie was shining that night and she has been such a delight to live with these past many months.  You should be very proud of her!

Lainey played the trombone in the Beaverton Stake’s production of Seussical the Musical.  Dad, Annie and I went to watch.  It was fun and colorful.  They did a nice job and it was worth the trip! 

Lainey is there now (Saturday) doing a matinee and then the final performance is tonight. 

Also tonight is our Ward Harvest party.  We are eating baked potatoes.  I’m bringing onions and sautéed onions, so the house smells wonderful right now!

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