Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are having a wonderful time this week and enjoying some holiday cheer. 

We are staying pretty quiet this year, as you know.  We will enjoy Christmas Eve fondue and then Christmas morning we will open a few gifts and wait for time to share calls with you! 

That will be the best gift I get this year.  Hearing your voices is all I need. 

I think we will go to North Bend on Wednesday and hang there until Sunday.  Then we have to be back in time for the new year dance that Lainey must go to!  The rest of the holiday, we will just chill!  Dad goes back to work on Wednesday, the 2nd and Lainey and I go back on Monday the 7th

Last week was a busy week of pre-holiday bustle.  Lainey had secret Santa gifts to give, I had work potlucks, etc.  We were done on Thursday this year, with a budget reduction day on Friday.  That forced the band to change the all-night party plan.  Mr. Dunlop was told we couldn’t use the building at all this year, since they don’t want the public to think we are using the facilities on a non-budget day.  We also were told we could not use school busses, either.  So, at the band’s expense, we had to transport the students using private tour busses.  Even though it was expensive, we had a good time.  We went to Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center and had the run of the place for four hours.  

      (Lainey in a go cart!)

Then we went to the Washington Square Mall where we did a scavenger hunt.  The mall security was all over us!  After that, we went to Zoo Lights.  Annie met us there with 10 trays of sub sandwiches and 15 trays of cookies!  After that, we did have permission to drop the kids back off at the school so that we could visit with our alumni students for a bit.  That was fun.  Several kids showed up and it was fun to see them.  At that point, Dad told me we were leaving and he drove us downtown to a swanky hotel for the night for our anniversary.


That was fun!  We watched TV, which if you remember, we don’t have at home anymore! Then we slept in until I think around 11am the next day.  We slowly made our way home.  Went to lunch at The Elephants Deli, my personal favorite!   We found a low tire when we got to the car, so we had to deal with that, but it wasn’t that bad. 

Tonight (Sunday), we went caroling with the Dunlops.  Fun!

That was pretty much our week! 

Can’t wait to hear about yours!  And to talk to you on Christmas Day!

Love you all!!!

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