Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week of January 14, 2013

Happy MLK Day!  Lainey and I have the day off, but Dad has to work.  Poor  guy.  You know he now has a setup where he plays TV shows while he’s at work??  Slacker.

It’s so cold here, even the spider webs froze!!!  I love this picture.  It greeted me when I showed up to work this morning. 

So there are now three kids from our Ward who are waiting for their mission calls:

Grace Huskey

Seth Carstens

Molly Fields

I’ll let you know about each one when they get their calls!

So, Drew.  You might be interested that the San Francisco 49’ers beat the Atlanta Falcons to win a seat in the Super bowl.  Tonight, the Baltimore Ravens and playing the New England Patriots to decide their opponent.  I’ll tell you by the end of this letter who won!  The super bowl is being played on February 3rd, I think.

Ravens won!  So, it’s Baltimore vs. San Francisco in the Superbowl!

Next Saturday, we are travelling to Waldport, OR on the coast, just north of Newport.  Uncle David bought a house!!  We are going to have a housewarming party! 

Right now, it’s 10:30pm on Sunday night.  Dad, Lainey and I are studying together for Lainey’s World War II unit test in Modern America.  Three cheers for Lainey letting us help!!

Going to bed soon.  Love you!!!!!!

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