Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This was a bad day!

Well, ever have one of those times in your life when everything seems to be out of control. Responsibilities, appointments, family, church, work-it all seems to run faster that we can keep up. So many things spiraling out of control. Then something happens to put it all into perspective. Something worse can always happen.
Keith had a not good bad rotten day today. He met up with a deer on Burside Rd. heading home this evening. We believe the deer didn't survive this one, but he didn't stay around to let us find out. Now this would be bad enough, except that on the job, he punctured a finger so badly that it wouldn't stop bleeding. It still hasn't. Then he had to go back to his day job and try to finish some things off so we can leave (at 4:00am) in the morning to go to our son Brad's Basic Training Graduation. That didn't go well either and he's leaving knowing there's unfinished business at work.
Well, noone was seriously injured and we still get to go tomorrow, even though we'll have a mess to return to. No sense crying yet!
We'll see you all next week with photos of Brad!


dorthyinoz said...

Oh man, what a day!!! Sending hugs your way. I will do what I can on this end, just let me know. I got the kids covered for CHOMP - even set the alarm on my phone! Have fun seeing your boy/man. Michelle

swingdancefan said...

A deer...on BURNSIDE? I'd have expected it here in the Wild West, they're in my garden all the time, but on Burnside?!?

Anyway, happy travels and we'll look for photos soon.

Jeff and Fawn Hoagland said...

Oh man what a send off-sorry to hear about the car, we'll pray for Keith's injury too
And for your trip to be a safe happy one k?