Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Days

Well, I need to put my two cents in for the snow day! It means a lot of extra mess, cold open doors and then hours of time all alone because my kids are too old to stay home and play! They have been out most of the day playing at the park, eating cookies at the Fields house (thanks Fields!) and riding (illegally I'm sure) four wheelers! Oh, and being mad at me for not letting them drive the car. What do we have a license for anyhow if it's not to drive in the snow? That, according to certain 18 year olds! I'm pretty used to being the bad guy doesn't hurt my feelings quite as much any more.

One fun thing about snow is the dogs love it too! Wockie forgot about her arthritis for a bit and went on a romp. Freckle has been under the weather too, but turns on the steam when offered snow frolicking!

Stay Warm!


The Hadley Family said...

I LOVE your dogs!! How cute that they like playing in the snow. Our kittens don't know what to make of it but they sure spend alot of time at the windows. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only "mean mom" in the neighborhood. Someone at our house thought taking the Mustang out was an okay idea. Not happinin!

Heather said...

I second the vote - the dogs rule!
Next time your kids desert you just grab the dogs and come on over. We'll make snow angels and never tell anyone. ;-)

dorthyinoz said...

I love the pics! Hunter actually asked if I would take him Christmas shopping - hello, no school cuz no one can drive on the roads. Tyler took the only reasonable to drive in the snow car to work so we got 3 extra girls for the day and night. Cheryl was kind enough to pick up Hunter and Sara and Lane spent the day sledding in the park and walked to the movies. I stayed all toasty warm and got some organizing done. Have another great day tomorrow and call me.