Friday, December 5, 2008

Headed home!

Well, we've got Brad, we're in Atlanta for the night and we're heading to the airport in the morning. As it worked out, we are all on separate flights home, but we all land within 5 minutes of each other in Portland tomorrow night.
We've had such a great time hugging Brad and seeing where he's been hiding all these weeks, hugging and going to eat, hugging and shopping, and, oh, there are the hugs!
Tonight we went to my old neighborhood to see where I lived when I was little and where I started school. Everything looks so different. I guess it should since I haven't been there for 34 years! Then we went to Underground Atlanta. It's pretty much just an underground trendy shopping mall these days so we didn't stay long. Keith was here earlier this year, so he knew where to take us to see the Olympic plaza downtown. They have it all decorated for Christmas now and there is an outdoor ice skating rink.
When we get back home, I'll post some photos from the graduation and our trip home.

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5xblsd said...

Can't wait to see everyone. I remember the transformation that took place after Noel went to boot camp. Welcome home Brad! Some how I think we can expect a permagrin from Laurie for the next few days.