Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Gardening Day

We had a pretty good day around here. A few small steps were made toward things that we haven't had time to do in a long time. We found we had a Saturday on our hands with no schedule! We did a little yard work...

We tore out the back lawn last summer because we were tired of fighting the dying deck, the mole and dog digging holes and just general disorganization of it all. So, the back yard is dirt.

Today, though, we got some things done! Here are the new raised beds Keith built for me today. We are planting Tomatoes, Zuccini, Cucumbers, Corn, Green Beans and Carrots.

The side yard is looking good...we finally did something right with the raspberries and they are loaded this year!

We also have the grape vines getting underway

...and the pear trees are especially loaded this year!

For having completely ignored yard work for the last couple of years, we're not doing too bad. Hopefully, there will be a coat of paint for the house and a back lawn and stone patio in our future. I won't hold my breath for this year, but little by little, we'll make small baby steps.
Keith left a couple of dollars in the garden budget today so that I could get a couple of color spots. I got an impatien and a little petunia. Both in pink!

Later today, Lainey went out to the yard and took some beautiful photos of our purple Iris and the hanging pink fuscias that Keith got me for Mothers day. They were great shots, so I want to share:


runningfan said...

I loved reading your updates...but it made me miss you guys! Enjoy your summer and that great garden. I'm jealous of your raspberries.

jamie t. said...

I'm so jealous of your garden! Someday I'll have some space. I hope you recieve a great harvest this year!

yvonne enger said...

Very nice, I love gardening, I miss mine. I have a lot on my deck, and am really enjoying it.
You have such a sweet family!!!!